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Social media marketing and SEO

Unlike a few years back, having a website for your business in today’s environment is a strict necessity.

But, no matter how good your website is, it is useless without visitors. So, today we offer you a short tour on most common methods used to bring (more) visitors to your website.

Probably the most often used way increasing website’s popularity is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). Thousands and, maybe, even millions of people who are looking for the information in the internet, using search engines (like Google, Bing etc). The statistics show that most of them visit only a few first websites of search engine result page, and less than ten percent users visit second search result page. What does it means for us, website owners? To get those visitors interested in whatever product or information you offer, your website must rank as possible higher in those aforementioned search engines. So, the SEO is optimizing your website’s content, code and structure as well getting quality backlinks from other reputable websites. If done right, this all helps your website to rank higher in search engines, attracting visitors and makes them stay longer on your website. Sounds great, right? The downsides of this method are: it requires some time, it works better for websites, that have lots of content and pages, and nobody can guarantee the result (because nobody knows how exactly the search engines work).

But, as in any other business, if something works well for one person, just doesn’t mean it’ll be as good for someone else. If you feel that SEO is not for you or you want to increase product sales, then consider Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising programs and social media marketing.  

The PPC advertising uses small ads located on the search engine result pages and other websites. The ads are located on the most advantageous positions and are being shown only to those users who types words or phrases, specified in ad campaign. So the system will show your ads only to the person you want, and the person will see really useful information instead of whatever he is not interested in (for example: if person searches for “air conditioning”, then system will show air conditioning related ads). And there are even more advantages of PPC ads, like: you get instant result (you can start a campaign within an hour), you only pay when person clicks on your ad, wide opportunities of targeting and lots of setup options etc.

Social media marketing uses the advertisement in social networks, forums and other popular places on the internet, polls and Email notifications, and is great if you are planning to bring to the market new product or service, launch a new project or to inform the public and raise the product or brand popularity etc.

So, as you can see there are different options to choose from, and if your new or existing project needs some promotion, or you want to increase product sales or attract more visitors, be sure to visit our friends at, internet marketing specialists with more than ten years experience on the market. Which ever approach you will choose they will set up your campaign and run it the most efficient way.